AITS – Office Server 

  We have developed this server which uses some of the best of the Open Source Community’s efforts and configured them all to work together in one package.

  Are you getting concerned with Big Data (Microsoft, Google, Apple to name a few) having access to your data.. Well maybe this is worth looking at…

  Or maybe just concerned about the requirement for a good high speed internet connection required for your staff to work without slowdowns – time is money and if your staff are wasting time waiting for pages to load to work in your main software package then maybe this is worth a look at…

Major features of AITS –

  1. Microsoft 365 and Google Apps replacement
  2. Onsite (self hosted on your own server) or Cloud hosted at Area I.T.
  3. Email Server with spam and virus protection
  4. Emails, contacts and calendar with full push support for mobile devices for real time sync
  5. Webmail (Open source self hosted version under GNU GPL v3) and / or integration with desktop email clients
  6. Virtual hosting server – Name Server, DNS, Websites, Email Server etc
  7. Websites and web apps hosting , example WordPress and Moodle
  8. Domain alias (Multi domain to single webpage)
  9. Collaborative real-time multi user document editing via web app
  10. Document (docx), Spreadsheets (xlsx) and Presentations (pptx)
  11. Reverse Proxy for increased security and increased performance
  12. Free SSL for all access, websites and web apps
  13. FTP – Web DEV – Webmail – External Storage access
  14. File management, Sync and File sharing (Open source self hosted version under GNU GPL v3)
  15. Access to all many Web apps
  16. ERP – Bookkeeping solution (Open source self hosted version under GNU GPL v3) – Bookkeeping (setup with GST accounting) and so much more as a full ERP solution – Including Accounts, Production, built-in POS, Warehousing, Built-in Shopping Cart, HR, Purchasing, Auto Reports, Project Management…
  17. Complete Server backup and restore